Are you supposed to get the tattoo you’ve been considering?

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Do you desire that ink?
It’s a significant decision to get a tattoo, after all. Body art may be expressive of your individuality and lovely when done correctly. Whether it’s a unique design or text-based body art, getting a tattoo is a serious decision. Remember, unless you decide to undergo the tattoo removal procedure, it will remain permanently inked on your body.

The practice of tattooing might not be for you if you can’t tolerate the sight of needles. Tattoos are applied by repeatedly pricking your skin, even though the needle doesn’t penetrate your skin as deeply as, say, a medication dose.

Consider the future.
Try to picture yourself a few years in the future before getting a tattoo to determine whether the design that excites you now will still be meaningful to you then. Consider your future self when choosing your design because perhaps you won’t be a vast Sponge Bob fan by then.

You rarely compromise on choosing the best hairstylist or beautician for your body. Finding the appropriate tattoo artist is even more crucial because the design will be there for a long time, possibly forever.

There is a two-step technique for adding a tattoo properly. You must ensure that only the best artists and tools touch your skin, in addition to being 100 per cent confident of the artwork you want.

Use online tools to find inspiration if you’re unsure what tattoo to get. Remember that the tattoos on Google and Pinterest were shot from angles and with attractive lighting. While they could first catch your eye, it’s essential to look a little further to pick a unique tattoo and a good fit for your personality. To view samples of a tattoo artist’s work, look for their profiles online, including on Instagram. If an artist’s work appeals to you, but you can’t find a design that suits you, get in touch with them and ask for suggestions. Most tattoo artists have more designs and ideas that they may share with you in addition to the ones they display. Read reviews to learn what the artist’s past clients had to say about their purchases.

Once you’ve located the ideal tattoo artist, you can think about asking them for their take on the design you’ve picked. By doing so, you can give the tattoo more of your personality and make it uniquely yours (because not many of us are fans of flash designs).

It’s time to put ink.
Before getting inked, visit the tattoo parlour of your choice if you already have an idea for a tattoo. Examine the area to ensure the store upholds strict hygienic practices and sterilisation requirements. Learn the fundamentals of the tattooing procedure and get to know your tattoo artist. You can inquire about the tattoo’s cost, duration, aftercare, and discomfort. It will help you prevent the transmission of blood-borne viruses if you confirm that your preferred tattoo artist has a valid tattoo licence and has completed the necessary safety training.

Before obtaining a text-based tattoo, don’t forget to modify and review your design. Repeat this procedure when stencilling and sketching to avoid having an accidental typo permanently imprinted on you. If you’re searching for our suggestions, we highly recommend meeting with Byron and his crew at Black Lotus Tattooers or Jason Anthony at The Golden Rule Tattoo.

Remember to take care of your tattoo after getting it by avoiding the sun and keeping it dry for around two weeks. The tattoo must have this time to heal.

No Remorse
Regret over a tattoo is typically the outcome of a hasty decision. You’ll likely enjoy the final design if you carefully select your tattoo artist and method. Your tattoo will reflect who you are and be a proud statement. With today’s knowledge and technology, nobody needs to put up with subpar ink! Understandably, 50% of people want their tattoos removed since 80% of first tattoos are picked randomly. Most people don’t know what their tattoos symbolise. Hopefully, these pointers will give you the resources you need to have a positive tattoo experience.


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