Thanks to modern technology, tattoo removal is now much simpler.

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Tattoo size and colour are just a few variables affecting tattoo removal. Every tattoo is different and usually takes several treatments to get rid of completely. Your doctor will evaluate several criteria before removing the tattoo.

Factors for quick tattoo removal

a tattoo
Treatments for smaller tattoos require fewer sessions than those for larger ones. Large tattoos might need two separate laser removal sessions to cover the entire area. The size of your tattoo and how long it will take to complete your treatment will determine how much each session will cost.

Skin Color
To protect the melanin (pigment) in your skin, the laser’s wavelength must be raised if you have darker skin. Implying that removal might take longer. Lighter skin tones make the ink easier for the laser to target.

The placement of your tattoo dramatically influences the number of laser tattoo removal sessions you will need. Permanent body art is removed more effectively from locations with high lymph node counts and circulation (such as the upper half of your body) than from areas with lower lymph node counts and circulation. Your body struggles more than nearly any other body part to erase ink stains from your toe, for instance.

Age of Tattoo
Tattoos, either extraordinarily recent or very old, are typically easier to remove. Your tattoo’s colours and ink will naturally deteriorate with time, which can require fewer removal procedures.

Penetration of Ink
Deeper should be attacked first because it is harder to remove. The ink is typically not deposited as profoundly by amateur tattoo artists as it is by professionals who use more and richer ink. The quantity of laser removal sessions depends on the ink density.

Different ink colours require different laser wavelengths, increasing the number of removal sessions needed. Most tattoo removal services lack the necessary equipment to eliminate all tattoo colours. With the 1064 wavelength, it is simple to target black, the most popular ink colour. Red ink has been found to trigger allergy reactions while being simple to remove with a 532 wavelength. Alexandrite or ruby wavelengths are used to target green/blue inks. “The lighter the colour, the harder it is to remove,” is a general rule. Yellow inks can be problematic, while white inks contain titanium dioxide that changes to black when exposed to laser light.

Tattoo erasure
Consider these variables before you start tattoo removal so that you may find the fastest and least expensive approach to get rid of your body art.

Your tattoo removal process’s effectiveness will depend on choosing the correct laser and treatment plan. According to research, the PicoWay Laser can more effectively assist remove dark, detailed tattoos with many colours and tattoos that have been challenging to get rid of.

The PicoWay Laser is superior to conventional laser technology in that it:

destroys the ink particles in both black and colour
less than half the number of treatments that typical Q-switched lasers call for
lessens the common adverse effects associated with laser tattoo removal
A consultation session should be held before beginning any tattoo removal procedures. When necessary, request a test spot to ensure your skin won’t respond negatively to the laser. To make your removal treatments more comfortable, inquire with your doctor about injectable numbing. Most customers prefer injectable numbing, while some tattoo removal facilities provide topical options.

Delete — Laser & Tattoo Removal Salon
At Delete Tattoo Removal in Phoenix, we remove tattoos using the PicoWay Laser. For many of our patients, tattoo removal is now straightforward because of this ground-breaking new technology, reducing the number of treatments required. To determine the number of treatments, you would need to get rid of your unwanted ink, please arrange a consultation with us right away.


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